Resources in old Processors and CPUs

Obsoleted processors contain a multitude of resources and metalls. We seperate these resources back into the individual raw materials and forward them to recycling.

Pre-sorted ceramic processors and plastic processors are compensated specially. If you ship us your CPUs sorted, you receive a greater return.

Generally, the older a CPU, the more valuable it is. Bellow an oversight of the common CPUs in descending grades.

Ceramic-CPU with Gold Cap (Grade A+)

Ceramic-CPU with Goldcap

Processors with ceramic housing and a big gold-layered heat-spreader (cap) as well as gold contacts.

Often found in the first Intel Pentium Generations and similar processors. This grade also includes all old CPUs as of 286, 386, and 486. Many Server-CPUs meet this Grade.

Ceramic-CPU without Gold Cap (Grade A)

Ceramic-CPU without Goldcap

Processors with ceramic housing without a gold layered heat-spreader (cap). (E)EPROMs with gold-plated contact pins or other gold elements meet this grade.

Often found in the processors of the Pentium- and AMD Athlon era, as well as partially embedded systems.

Ceramic-CPU with Aluminum Cap (Grade B+)

Ceramic-CPU with Aluminum Cap

Processors with ceramic housing and heat spreaders (cap) made of aluminum.

Often found in the first AMD Athlon generations and similar processors.

Plastic-CPU Black (Grade B)


Processor with black plastic housing.

Often found in the Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium with MMX series.

Plastic-CPU (Grade C+)


Processors with plastic housing without heat spreaders (cap).

Often found in the Pentium III and AMD sempron era.

Plastic-CPU with Copper Core (Grade C)

Plastic-CPU with Copper Core

Processors with plastic housing connected to aluminum or copper heat sink.

Often found in the Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon era, aswell as mobile CPU.

Slot-CPU (Grade D)


Slot CPUs consist of a CPU, several memory chips and other elements on a board with gold contacts (fingers).

Older processors of the Pentium II and II such AMD K7 generation as well as Intel Xeon P6 and similar.


Processors and CPUs

Old processors and CPUs are
a valuable source of raw materials



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